High Shear / High Pressure Fluid Processors

Microfluidizer® high-shear fluid processors from Microfluidics International Corporation set the standard for nanoemulsion and nanoparticle applications.

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Whether you’re investing in pharmaceuticals, biotech, transdermals, nutraceuticals, or even cutting-edge energy applications — we have the technology that provides targeted size reduction at lower peak pressures, attaining industry leading particle distribution profiles and guaranteed process performance at lab-to-production scales. With higher yields of active ingredients and greater control over process repeatability, our homogenization equipment sets standards the rest of the industry aspires to emulate.

Superior Particle Size Reduction

The heart of our unique Microfluidizer® homogenization technology is our proprietary fixed-geometry high shear interaction chamber, which converts pressure energy more efficiently into shear and impact forces, resulting in targeted nanoparticle size reduction with less sample temperature rise during processing.  Smaller particle size translates to bigger benefits — from greater bioavailability, to more precisely targeted drug delivery, to improved stability and shelf life for your products.

Narrow Nanoparticle Distribution

Uniformity of particle size is equally important in process performance.  Microfluidizer® homogenization equipment excels at generating the narrowest particle size distribution results possible, thanks to stable pressure and constant volume processing at pressures up to 40,000 pounds per square inch.  This leads to improved product stability and extended shelf life – and may significantly improve yield of active ingredients post filtration/sterilization to reduce costs associated with production.

Guaranteed Scalability

Attaining unprecedented particle size reduction and a uniform distribution is one thing, but scalability is often another. We guarantee seamless scale-up with unique parallel path micro-channel architecture to achieve consistent process performance and repeatable results; not only from batch to batch, but also from lab environments to pilot and production facilities.