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Academic Research Collaboration (ARC) Program

classroomSupporting University Research Worldwide

University researchers are pivotal to innovation, through pharmaceutical collaborations and product advancement breakthroughs in other industries. Our ARC program makes Microfluidizer high shear fluid processors more accessible and valuable to academic institutions around the world, enabling them to leverage the latest nanomaterials processing technology in their cutting-edge research. Download our ARC data sheet.


Academic Customers

Microfluidics works with hundreds of universities, government and research institutions worldwide, including..

Arizona St. Harvard Medical Northwestern U Alberta
Baylor Hebrew Univ. Princeton U Chicago
Boston College Howard Hughes RPI UCLA
Boston Univ. Humboldt Univ. St. Jude's UCSF
BYU Johns Hopkins Salk Institute U Glasgow
Butler Ludwig-Maximilliams Scripps U Liverpool
Carnegie Mellon Mass College of Pharmacy SUNY U London
Case Western Max Planck Institute Syracuse UMass
CHOP MIT Tel Aviv Univ. U Michigan
Dartmouth Mt. Sinai Medical Texas A&M UNC
ETH Zurich Nanyang TU Tufts USC
Freie Univ Berlin Northeastern Tulane Yale












Innovation Incentives

In addition to delivering exclusive product quality and process efficiency benefits only possible with a Microfluidizer high shear fluid processor, the ARC program offers academic research teams unique values and perks:

  • Purchasing incentive for qualified universities
  • Complimentary annual “Proof of Concept” testing in the Microfluidics Technology Center
  • Extended warranty by one full year
  • Bonus referral program
  • Upgrade/trade-in credits for certain machines and technologies
  • Courtesy “Lunch n' Learn” on-campus seminars
  • Preferred rental arrangements where applicable
  • Beta site, demonstration and publication opportunities


LV1_webNanomaterials Processing on the Milliliter Scale

We understand that university research teams are often constrained with limited materials and  resources. With the LV1 low volume Microfluidizer processor, uniform high shear fluid processing is finally available on samples as small as 1 ml. Featuring all the benefits of larger Microfluidizer machines, the easy-to-operate LV1 allows academic institutions to improve product quality and break new research ground without waste.

Partnering for Success

Universities are innovators, partners who use Microfluidizer technology to advance their fields of science. Microfluidics collaborates with leading institutions to promote research by donating equipment and services for specific project goals that advance the usage of nanotechnology in science. Contact us to learn more.


Microfluidizer high shear fluid processors are unique in their ability to achieve uniform particle size reduction, bottom-up crystallization and efficient cell disruption.  Microfluidizers consistently generate significantly higher shear than other available technologies, and offer the widest range of pharmaceutical-quality machines and processing pressures currently available, with unrivaled results in uniform particle size reduction and repeatability.  

The following list of published articles from the past 25 years, attests to the superior performance of Microfluidizer technology. 

1.  Nano-Emulsion For Drug Delivery:

2.  Nano-Emulsion For Vaccine Adjuvant:

3.  Cell Disruption: