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  • Solving Nanotechnology Application Challenges in
    Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Other Industries

  • Microfluidizer® Processors

    Superior technology for unrivaled results in uniform nanoemulsions, cell disruption and uniform particle size reduction, seamless scaleup and unparalleled repeatability.

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    High-pressure Microfluidizer® processors lead the industry in the production of pharmaceutical nanoemulsions and cell disruption, and more.


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    Extensive experience and extraordinary results lead to the success of diverse endeavors across a wide array of industries.


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    Dedicated to helping you succeed — with lab testing, aftermarket support, maintenance, spare parts and troubleshooting services.

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  • Leading the Nano-Revolution in Particle Size Reduction

    Since 1982, Microfluidics has been setting the standard for nanoemulsion and nanoparticle applications. Whether you’re working in the pharmaceutical, biotech or another sector, our technology provides targeted size reduction at lower pressures, attaining superior particle distribution profiles and guaranteed lab-to-production scale performance.

    Our Microfluidizer® technology leads the industry with higher yields of active ingredients and greater control over process repeatability.

    Smaller Particles, Bigger Results

    No other high-pressure processor is capable of generating the shear levels routinely achieved by our Microfluidizer® technology. Our machines consistently achieve superior results — significantly greater particle size reductions and remarkably uniform particle size distributions. If you depend on nanotechnology for innovative products with unprecedented properties — and undeniable advantages over your competition — count on Microfluidics for high-pressure homogenizers that are leading the global nano-revolution.

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    Let us demonstrate how a Microfluidizer® processor can achieve your nanomaterial processing and product quality goals.

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