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A Wide Range of Processing Techniques

  • Nanoemulsions
    Superior Nanoemulsion Technology Yields Better Products
  • Cell Disruption
    Exceptional Performance vs. Other Techniques
  • Polymer Nanoparticles
    Ideal Technology for Producing Polymer Nanoparticles
  • Polysaccharides
    The Best Method for Molecular Weight Reduction
  • Particle Size Reduction
    Achieving Uniform Target Particle Sizes on a Nano Scale
  • Nanoencapsulation
    Microfluidizer® Technology Provides a Competitive Edge
  • Liposomes
    Microfluidizer® Successfully Processes Liposomes
  • De-agglomeration
    Achieving Successful Deagglomeration in Various Industries

The Microfluidics applications team has the knowledge and experience to help customers create superior products and improve processing efficiency for a wide range of applications, such as nanoemulsions, cell disruption, polymer nanoparticles, polysaccharides, particle size reduction, nanoencapsulation, liposomes, and de-agglomeration. After determining your product goals, our team works with you to develop the best solution — utilizing the appropriate equipment and optimal processing parameters — for your unique formulation. . 

Microfluidizer® high shear fluid processors are capable of achieving unparalleled, consistent, dependable and scalable results in the areas of submicron particle size reduction, dispersion, cell rupture and the narrowest particle size distributions. Our high-pressure homogenizers are used extensively by leading companies in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical, energy, cosmetic/cosmeceutical and food/nutraceutical industries.