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Achieving Successful Deagglomeration in Various Industries

Microfluidizer Deagglomeration Processor Solutions

Microfluidizer® processors provide an efficient solution for deagglomeration, particle dispersion and size reduction for many applications.

  • The Microfluidizer® deagglomeration process provides unmatched results
  • The amount of shear applied to the material is easily varied to achieve the desired result
  • Particles are typically uniformly dispersed in a single pass
  • Particle size distribution is reduced
  • No contamination
  • Scaleup is guaranteed

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Deagglomeration Equipment Results

Many deagglomeration and dispersion of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) studies have been performed using Microfluidizer® homogenizing equipment. Our processor can successfully disperse single- and multi-wall CNTs, creating stable suspensions of nanotubes in various liquid media including polymer resins, organic solvents and water. The nanotubes are largely deagglomerated and dispersed uniformly — in a single pass. During additional passes, length reduction can be controlled based on processing conditions. The dispersion can enhance electrical conductivity as well.

Microfluidizer technology can also be used for deagglomeration of metal oxides. In a case study, our engineering team used a Microfluidizer® to deagglomerate high crystalline cerium dioxide nanoparticles and reduce the particle size. The high shear of our fluid processor significantly reduced the particle size in just a single pass.

Microfluidizer® technology has been widely studied for the de-fibrillation of cellulose. The results prove that wood cellulose and non-wood fiber samples can be successfully de-fibrillated under several processing conditions.

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