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Superior Nanoemulsion Technology Yields Better Products

Unparalleled Results

The Microfluidizer® processor provides exceptional results, achieving stable emulsions with droplet sizes attainable in the submicron to nanometer range, depending on the desired outcome:

  • Delivery of hydrophobic drugs
  • Improved stability for new and existing products
  • Simple downstream processing (e.g., sterile filtration)
  • Optimized particle characteristics (e.g., rheology, taste, optical properties)
  • Nanoencapsulation for protection against oxidation

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Microfluidizer® Benefits for Nanoemulsions


Unrivaled Uniform Particle Size Reduction

Nanoemulsions with small particle sizes increase bioavailability and enable targeting (e.g., cancer drugs getting past the blood/brain barrier and inside cells). In manufacturing nanoemulsion vaccine adjuvants, we found that emulsions obtained from a Microfluidizer® were 18% – 55% smaller than the homogenized emulsions using the same energy input, while the standard deviations of Microfluidized emulsions (0.1 – 2.6) were much lower than those of the homogenized emulsions (3.8 – 14.8).

Improved Stability

Instability and phase separation of emulsions and suspensions are critical challenges faced by research and production teams, as most technologies cannot produce the particle size distribution necessary to reach product goals. To overcome these issues, Microfluidizer® processors use unique fixed-geometry interaction chambers to reduce particle sizes uniformly and to a level unmatched by other methods. This enables customers to optimize formulations for maximum stability, and to enjoy the cost efficiencies offered by products with a prolonged shelf life.

Sterile Filtration

Compared to a homogenizer, the use of a Microfluidizer® usually allows customers to reduce the number of passes needed to reach particle size goals, and to simplify downstream processing steps as well, both of which have cost benefits. Pharmaceutical applications, such as vaccine adjuvants, are often nanoemulsions requiring sterile filtration, and uniformly reducing particles to less than 200 nm significantly reduces the required filter area.


Scaleup is guaranteed, bringing cost benefits to production volumes.

Quality Improvements

Enhancements such as translucent appearances for food or cosmetics products are more efficiently attainable with Microfluidics.

Cost Savings

The use of a Microfluidizer® in nanoemulsion applications provides benefits that result in cost savings. As discussed above, improved stability, sterile filtration and guaranteed scaleup all decrease processing costs.  


Proven Processing Results

Ophthalmic Drug Delivery
Achieved target average particle size of 96 nm with improved stabiltiy
Cancer Drug
Mean particle size after processing: 45 nm

Cancer drug mean particle size before processing


Cancer drug mean particle size after processing


Nanotechnology in Pharmaceutical Applications

Nanoemulsions are an increasingly important drug delivery mechanism, and Microfluidizer® technology is ideal in the formulation of sterile injectable, insoluble drugs. Microfluidizer® equipment is able to overcome the limitations of solubility, stability and sterilization that are inherent in conventional emulsions.   

Advantages of Nanoemulsions

  • Greatly improved drug load vs. regular emulsion; reduced effective dose
  • Improved stability
  • Sterile filtration eliminates costly sterile processing
  • Lyophilizable
  • Drugs can be used intramuscularly, subcutaneously or intravenously
  • Reduced toxicity due to the absence of solvents, surfactants and unapproved ingredients
  • No vein irritation; less painful injection site
  • Reduced action onset time
  • No special aseptic facility needed
  • Scalable through Microfluidizer® technology

Why Microfluidizer® Technology

  • Extremely small droplets
  • Narrow PSD improves stability and filtration
  • Easy to operate
  • Easily scalable
  • Produces from 2ml to liters per hour
  • Pilot and production machines available
  • GMP expertise

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