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Particle Size Reduction

Achieving Uniform Target Particle Sizes on a Nano Scale

Microfluidics Particle Size Reduction Equipment

Why do more than 1,700 leading companies in various industries prefer Microfluidics processing to other particle size reduction techniques? Microfluidizer® high shear fluid processors stand alone in their ability to achieve uniform target nanoparticle sizes. Our exclusive fixed-geometry interaction chamber exposes the product to consistent shear levels with repeatable results. When it comes to particle size reduction, Microfluidics provides important benefits.

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Advantages of Our Industry-Leading
Size Reduction Machines

Smallest Particle Sizes

With particle sizes typically 50% smaller than those produced by conventional homogenizers and other methods of particle size reduction, a Microfluidizer® processor enables you to achieve:

  • Improved bioavailability
  • Targeted drug delivery
  • Easier downstream processing

Narrowest Particle Size Distribution

Microfluidizer® technology allows you to achieve:

  • Stable products with prolonged shelf life
  • Optimized particle characteristics (e.g., gloss, reactivity)
  • Uniform product quality and temperature

Repeatable and Consistent Results

This benefit offers:

  • Guaranteed scaleup from lab to pilot and production volumes
  • Precisely controlled particle sizes and characteristics

Improved Processing Efficiencies

Microfluidizer® machines provide:

  • Savings of time and money (few passes, easy to use and clean)
  • Effective cooling
  • Minimization or elimination of contamination (no media required)

Benefits of Controlled Particle Size Reduction

Particle size affects numerous characteristics in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food products and other materials, including:

  • Color - Uniform particle sizes assure color consistency from one batch to the next
  • Taste - More precise particle size reduction allows more consistent taste
  • Flowability - Critical to packaging, tableting, and weighing
  • Density - Reliable, repeatable particle size reduction techniques help control shipping costs and minimize dust
  • Chemical Reaction - Uniform, controlled chemical change

Achieve Uniform Size Reduction

How does Microfluidizer® technology accomplish uniform submicron particle size reduction? As shown in the diagram above, the product is input into a reservoir that supports high solid content. A high-pressure pump generates forces up to 40,000 psi (2578 bar) to force the product stream into precisely engineered microchannels within the unique interaction chamber. Because the Microfluidizer® technology has the ability to control shear rates, the smallest pressure required is typically used.

Once inside the chamber, the product is exposed to consistent and intense impact and shear forces before it is immediately cooled. This repeatable process results in tiny particles with a uniform distribution. Scaleup performance from lab to production is guaranteed.

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