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Aftermarket Sales & Support

A Wide Range of Customer Care, Maintenance, Parts and Training Services

Customer Support

The Microfluidics Customer Care team is the starting point for customer inquiries. These individuals help with troubleshooting and parts supply. If you have an issue that requires more technical support than the Customer Care team can provide, your call is forwarded to our field service engineers who are professionally trained to diagnose and resolve problems. If it is determined that on-site visit is required, a field service engineer will visit your facility to repair your machine — correctly and quickly.   

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Microfluidics OEM Genuine Parts

Our machines and the components we use meet the highest specifications for quality and reliability. We only supply OEM genuine parts from the factory, which have been tested and inspected to meet the highest quality standards.

We are always developing new and improved versions of existing components as our clients challenge us with new and exciting applications. Be sure to ask us about any available upgrades for your equipment!

When you need replacement parts for Microfluidics machines, our aftermarket team is standing by to supply the parts you need:

✔   High-pressure seals/plunger seals
✔   O-rings/elastomers/gaskets
✔   Piping
✔   Valves
✔   Interaction chambers
✔   Cooling coils
✔   Hydraulic and Pneumatic Components
✔   And more!

Be sure to ask us about our Safeguard Spares™ program, which ensures high-quality Microfluidics spare parts are always on-site and ready for use at a moment’s notice.

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Microfluidics Preventative Maintenance Contracts

With Preventive Maintenance, expert field service engineers arrive at your facility to identify and resolve potential performance issues before they arise. We also train your staff to improve your internal knowledge base and skills set. This allows you to plan your maintenance schedule and ensures the processor always operates at its optimal capacity when you need it.

Regularly scheduled Preventative Maintenance reduces downtime and increases confidence in the equipment. Microfluidics has strategically reduced the cost of PM service in exchange for a year-over- year commitment from the customer.

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Microfluidics Repair Services

Factory-trained Microfluidics technicians are standing by to assist you with Microfluidics repairs. Our Customer Care team can help with troubleshooting, and when more in-depth technical support is necessary, our field service engineers can provide diagnosis and support, including on-site service if necessary.

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Process Optimization Assistance

Microfluidics provides more than the reliable, proven field service that keeps your equipment performing at its peak levels. Our application and material scientists are ready to assist you with process optimization by providing:

  • Access to a cutting-edge lab staffed with experienced application and process engineers as well as top-of-the-line analysis equipment
  • Process intensification to improve your production efficiency
  • Changes in formulations, vendors, ingredients or personnel without causing quality issues

Startup and Maintenance Training

Are you interested in creating your own on-site experts? Talk to us about hosting a customized one- to three-day training session. You can even videotape our engineers during the training session so you’ll have our expertise for future reference or in the event of personnel changes.

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Site Acceptance Testing/Startup Assistance

We offer full on-site startup assistance for purchased and rental machines so you can get your Microfluidizer® processor up and running. This service includes machine setup, standard IQ/OQ (Installation Qualification/Operational Qualification) performance qualifications, and site acceptance testing to aid in the validation of your process.

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