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Preventive Maintenance

Ensure Peak Processor Performance With On-Site Service

Preventive and Predictive Maintenance

Microfluidics expects you to push our equipment to its limits, with consistent and high-quality product output. However, our machines’ high pressures and shear do cause wear on certain parts. When you utilize our Preventive Maintenance service, one of our expert field representatives travels to your facility to identify and resolve potential performance issues before they arise — helping to prevent costly unplanned downtime and ensuring that your processor always operates at its peak capacity.

During an annual preventive maintenance service visit, our representative will: 

  • Disassemble the processor down to its “nuts and bolts”
  • Replace worn parts and evaluate every internal component (e.g., seals, gaskets and bearings)
  • Clean and re-lubricate appropriate parts
  • Diagnose worn items and replace covered parts as necessary
  • Train your internal staff on diagnosis, maintenance and repair techniques
  • Reassemble and test-run the processor
  • Provide a thorough written report on findings and analysis
  • Ensure customer satisfaction post-service

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