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Genuine Microfluidics Parts Delivered Quickly

Genuine Microfluidics Parts

Once you've purchased the best nanomaterial processing equipment available, it makes sense to protect your significant investment by buying Microfluidics™ OEM genuine spare parts. When you buy genuine spare parts from Microfluidics™, you get peace of mind that comes from sustaining our best-in-class performance. Even better, when you order our genuine spare parts, you also receive:

  • cGMP Compliance Certificates
  • Verification of the right parts for your custom Microfluidizer® machine
  • Extension of your warranty through our Preventive Maintenance service

Keep in mind that, while OEM replacement parts may cost more in the short term, the use of non-OEM parts could end up costing you more in the long run.

Safeguard Spares™ Program

Safeguard Spares™ is Microfluidics unique program that puts you in control of your downtime by eliminating lead time. When you sign up for the Safeguard Spares™ program, high-quality parts are always on-site, ready for use at a moment's notice. With the right parts on hand, it's easy to schedule routine maintenance at a time that's most convenient for your facility, allowing you to avoid unplanned downtime. This convenient program is especially beneficial for those who manage mission-critical processes, where an unplanned interruption could have an outsized impact on your timeline - and your bottom line. This exclusive spare parts supply program is available solely to users of production-scale Microfluidizer® particle-size-reduction equipment.

For the best value and maximum uptime, pair Safeguard Spares™ with our Multi-Year Preventative Maintenance agreement, otherwise known as MY PM! ™. Our Field Service Engineers will look for wearing parts during the PM visit and proactively replace them from your Safeguard Spares™ inventory before these components can shut down your production run or research. Customers who pair the the Safeguard Spares™ with the MY PM! ™ are also given the opportunity to restock this inventory at a reduced price. Contact us for more information.

Microfluidics™ Homogenizer Spare Parts Categories

Replacement High-Pressure Seals/Plunger Seals

Our machines operate at pressures up to 40,000 psi. The right seals help keep the system properly pressurized, so you can depend on repeatable results from run to run.

O-rings/Elastomers /Gaskets

Small but mighty, the right O-rings, impact rings and high-pressure gaskets ensure your Microfluidizer® will continue to work at top operating efficiency by ensuring the proper seal. Choose Microfluidics as your sole O-ring supplier. You can depend on Microfluidics™ to supply OEM high-temperature O-rings and other highly specialized components, and avoid potential problems due to questionable knockoffs from third-party O-ring suppliers. Trust in Microfluidics™ to supply the correct size and material O-rings, gaskets, and other elastomers to avoid unnecessary leaks and down time.


This category includes key components, such as inlet fittings, pump heads, bent nipple, flanged piping, liquid end, etc. As with other replacement parts, we encourage you to invest in our OEM parts to ensure the seamless, on-spec operation of your highly engineered high shear-rate homogenizer equipment from Microfluidics™. We manufacture and stock these crucial, carefully engineered parts, and more. Microfluidics™ engineers are perpetually working to enhance the longevity of high pressure piping. Purchasing genuine OEM nipples and fittings directly from Microfluidics™ or an authorized distributor ensures that you getting the best piping available for your Microfluidizer® Processor.


Includes high-pressure check valves, inlet and outlet valves, and priming valves. Stick with the original for best results. Properly serviced check valves reduce cavitation, ensure a robust pressure

Interaction Chambers

At the heart of our industry-leading technology is our patented high-pressure interaction chamber (also known as reaction chamber). Chambers are custom engineered to deliver ultra-high shear forces capable of generating submicron size particles, with remarkably tight particle size distributions, often in a single pass. Options include abrasion-resistant diamond chambers or ceramic interaction chambers, where energy per unit volume of product is maximized. Bank on OEM parts for replacement of these critical components. Choose from among various versions, depending on your specific machinery and process needs. Examples include:, F20Y, F12Y, E230Z, G10Z, H10Z, single-slotted, multi-slotted and microchannels.

Cooling coil

All Microfluidics™ machines can be temperature controlled with stainless steel cooling coils or heat exchangers to ensure steady process temperatures and avoid complications caused by undesirable heating. Genuine Microfluidics™ OEM replacements will provide the best results from your machine. Process cooling needs vary with application and on-site utilities and may change over time. All Microfluidics™ machines can be retrofitted with an assortment of genuine cooling coils or heat exchangers to fit our customer's changing requirements.

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