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Troubleshooting and Repairs

Professional Service and OEM Parts Are Invaluable

Unmatched Technical Support

Microfluidizers® are complicated, highly engineered pieces of equipment that operate under extreme conditions to yield high-performance results. For this reason, only professional, factory-trained service engineers should perform troubleshooting and repairs on a machine as complicated and costly as your Microfluidizer®.

The Microfluidics Customer Care team answers customer inquiries and supports each Microfluidizer® processor throughout its ownership. This team is always eager to help customers by troubleshooting issues and supplying parts. If the issue requires more in-depth technical support than the Customer Care team can offer, your call is escalated to field service engineers who assist with problem diagnosis and resolution over the phone or via email.

Should on-site or emergency service be required, these same expert field service engineers are available to perform on-site service to get your processor up and running — at optimal levels — as quickly as possible. Every service visit concludes with a training refresher for your equipment operator and maintenance personnel.

When your Microfluidizer® needs more than routine preventive maintenance, a factory-trained field service engineer is always the best person for troubleshooting your equipment and getting it back to operating within its original specifications. While OEM parts and service are expensive, you are getting a premium value for your investment, because improper maintenance and service, including the use of non-OEM parts, can lead to more costly repairs later.

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Technical Support