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Proof of Concept Testing

Getting Your Formulation Exactly Right

Choosing the Appropriate Equipment

Are you wondering if a Microfluidizer® is the right solution for your formulation challenge? Microfluidics Proof of Concept services are designed to help companies make critical decisions related to the sourcing of appropriate equipment that will achieve their product and process goals. By providing objective testing data on pressure, shear rates, chamber type, number of passes and results, our research engineers demonstrate potential opportunities to improve product quality and production efficiency for each customer’s specific formulation.

What We Do For You

Microfluidics works with customers to create fine emulsions and suspensions in the nano or micron particle size, as well as to disrupt cells or deagglomerate carbon nanotubes or other fibers. Our laboratory engineers also work directly with Microfluidics’ research and development engineers to translate customer needs into new machine concepts.

Our fully equipped labs are utilized for:

Technology Demonstration

We show you how your product can be processed using a Microfluidizer® and the resulting particle size distribution analysis. We also offer recommendations for optimum processing.

Product Optimization

Our engineers process your product on equipment chosen for your unique application, utilizing process parameters such as different pressures, temperatures and microchannel configurations to optimize your desired results.

Process Optimization and Scaleup

When you are ready to scale up your process, we run tests to determine the most efficient equipment and interaction chamber configurations. We then process your sample on our production equipment using multi-slotted interaction chambers to demonstrate our scaleup capabilities. This saves you time and money, and enables you to produce the highest quality product. 

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