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A Comprehensive Array of Industrial Applications
  • Biotechnology
    Helping global biotech companies meet diverse and demanding needs
  • Pharmaceutical
    Providing premium equipment to support drug development and manufacturing
  • Energy
    Developing cutting-edge innovations in energy products with nanotechnology
  • Chemical / Industrial
    Improving the performance of many materials
  • Cosmetics
    Helping cosmetic companies improve product quality and stability
  • Nutraceuticals / Food
    Improving nutrition and enhancing food flavor and color

Microfluidizer® high shear fluid processors are vital to the development and production of a broad range of products across diverse industries. Our processors are not ordinary mixers — our unique technology sets our machines apart from traditional industrial mixers and valve homogenizers. When you have a challenging application that requires the smallest possible particle sizes and remarkably uniform particle size distributions, then only an extraordinary Microfluidizer® will do.

Our customers are notable industry leaders who depend on nanotechnology to help them innovate products with unprecedented properties and competitive advantages. From pharmaceuticals and biotechnology to chemicals, energy, cosmetics and nutraceuticals/food, our processors are leading the global nano-revolution.

While the Microfluidizer® achieves superior results in a number of industries, our processors are particularly suited to applications in the pharmaceutical industry. But whatever your industry, you can count on the experts at Microfluidics to help you achieve the best possible processing results for your application.