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Wide Range of High Pressure Homogenizers

Microfluidizer® technology more efficiently converts high fluid pressure into shear forces, helping us set performance standards for high pressure homogenization success throughout the industry. Our unique fixed-geometry, highly durable ceramic (or diamond) interaction chambers, which reside at the heart of every Microfluidizer® high pressure homogenizer, account for our unrivaled results.

This proprietary component comprises the Microfluidics reaction technology that underlies our consistent success, regardless of your application. This unique design feature helps make Microfluidics Microfluidizer® devices the premier technology for solving tomorrow’s nanotechnology application challenges.

Each of our Microfluidizer® high-shear, high-pressure fluid processors provides unrivaled results in terms of:

Our models differ only in their characteristic batch size/flow rates, pressure ranges and motor types. We offer a range of homogenizers, from bench-top laboratory models capable of processing small, investigatory samples, to pilot and production-scale machines capable of handling progressively larger batch sizes. Whether you invest in processors from our Biopharma Microfluidizer® series of cGMP-compliant machines, choose small benchtop units suitable for laboratory use, or scale up to pilot and production-class equipment, rest assured that every milliliter of sample will receive the same treatment, from run to run.

We also offer superb scalability: From one model to the next, satisfied clients know they can depend on achieving predictable, consistent, superior results with material processing equipment from Microfluidics. Every time. Whether your process is in the development phase or the pilot phase — or you’ve reached full production-run status — we have the appropriate industrial homogenizer to help you achieve success.

The Microfluidizer® family of high pressure homogenizers excels at efficiently converting extreme fluid pressures into shear forces. Results are remarkably consistent because Microfluidizer® processors ensure that 100% of your material gets exactly the same treatment.

We also guarantee seamless scale-up, so you achieve uniform results — not only from batch to batch — but also from lab environments, to pilot and production volumes. Whether you are producing pharmaceutical nanoemulsions, pursuing delicate cell disruptions, creating suspensions, or generating cutting-edge liposomes, Microfluidizer® material processing equipment from Microfluidics is the right equipment for the job.

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With Microfluidics Microfluidizer® material processing equipment, you get the flexibility to choose from various models that allow you to control process stream temperatures (from extreme cold to relatively high heat), operating pressures and sample sizes.

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