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Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Equipment (CGMP)

Microfluidizers® Processors for Biopharmaceutical Applications
  • Lab Scale M-110P

    Basic biopharma lab model for continuous high shear cGMP-ready processing
    Lab Scale Microfluidizer Processor M-110P
  • Pilot Scale M-110EH

    Basic, enhanced and aseptic processors for clinical and production batches
  • Pilot Scale M815

    Basic Biopharma Pilot Scale Model for Pharmaceutical Processing
  • Production Scale M-700 Series

    Processors for economical manufacturing of clinical and production batches
    Production Scale Microfluidizer Processor M-700

Microfluidics offers a complete range of Microfluidizer® processors. Designed specifically for pharmaceutical and biotech applications, and engineered with full CGMP compliance in mind, our precision-designed/manufactured machines readily achieve diverse applications — such as nanoemulsions, suspensions, cell disruptions and liposomes — efficiently, predictably and reliably.

At the heart of our success — and yours — is our unique fixed-geometry interaction chamber. Only Microfluidizer® pharmaceutical homogenizers feature this crucial component, which ensures that every milliliter of your product experiences virtually identical, intense shear forces under extreme, user-controlled pressure. This allows you to achieve tightly controlled, highly predictable homogenization results. (Often within one or two passes.) Our machines yield remarkably tight particle size distributions and smaller particle sizes than are typically achieved using other pharmaceutical machinery manufacturers’ equipment.

Inherent continuity and compatibility are built into every machine and equipment series, so exceptionally smooth process scaleup is guaranteed. Whether you are perfecting the mixing process to achieve optimal product parameters, or scaling up to pilot or production-scale runs, each batch generated using Microfluidizer® pharmaceutical processing equipment matches the last.

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CGMP Manufacturing

Our biopharma equipment and other machines are used in more biopharma productions globally — including in the production of many FDA-approved drugs — than any of our competitors’ products. In fact, we are the world’s premier provider of biotech and pharmaceutical high shear processing equipment.

Microfluidics is a best-in-class manufacturer. We have more than 15 years of experience with CGMP requirements for pharmaceutical applications. Count on our in-depth professional knowledge, expert support, and high-quality biopharmaceutical manufacturing equipment for the most effective submicron particle size reduction and optimal yield for all your biotech and pharmaceutical productions.

Lab Scale M-110P

Good things come in small packages. In the pharmaceutical industry, all good things start in the laboratory. The journey from concept to R&D, to pilot runs, through clinical trials and the FDA approval process, to the final manufacturing phase, begins with benchtop investigation. This small, “plug-and-play” benchtop CGMP-ready, continuous high shear fluid processor may not take much space, but it’s more than capable of handling challenging tasks on a small-batch scale. Achieve stable nanoemulsions, stable nanodispersions, cell rupture/cell disruptions, deagglomeration, microencapsulation and more, with processing pressures up to 30,000 psi. Then, scale up seamlessly by switching to one of our larger, companion homogenizer machines.

Pilot Scale M-110EH

Still agreeably modest in its footprint, the Pilot Scale M-110EH allows you to scale up from R&D to pilot runs with seamless scalability. Achieve uniform particle sizes, stable nanoemulsions and nanodispersions, and effective nanoencapsulation of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). Microfluidics machines excel at achieving efficient cell disruptions, including notoriously challenging cell types, such as yeast and plant cells.

Pilot Scale M815

Progress from R&D, to pilot runs. Our M815 processors enable you to replicate operating conditions — and results — from batch to batch, as you scale up to pilot or in some cases production size batches.

Production Scale M-700 Series

Progress from R&D, to pilot runs, to the production of products suitable for clinical testing — and then on to full production runs with the Microfluidizer® processor family of highly compatible biopharmaceutical manufacturing machines. Our M-700 processors enable you to replicate operating conditions — and results — from batch to batch, as you scale up production. Available in basic, enhanced or aseptic models.

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